MbcsCentral Demo Tutorial


Sorry, Demo is no longer available but please browse the tutorial links.
Call us at 347-527-7220 for a one-on-one online demo.

This demo will introduce you to the MbcsCentral Tenant Accounts Receivable applicaton (WinPM). It is the actual application with the ability to make changes disabled. It will give you the opportunity to examine all of the functionality that it makes available.

This is the Cloud version with both the application and data stored on cloud servers and available to you from anywhere that you have internet access from a computer that can run MS Internet Explorer.

A preview version will be available shortly that will allow you to use the application fully including the ability to upload your own data from existing WinPM installations.  That way you can give the application a complete test drive.

Here are the instructions for getting right into the demo. We do, however, encourage you to use this tutorial as you explore WinPM.
Remote Desktop web page:
  • User Name: mbcscentral01\demoUser
  • Password:  Mbcs#2016
Windows Security (if prompted)
  • User Name: mbcscentral01\demoUser
  • Password:    Mbcs#2016
MbcsCentral Login Window:
  • User Name: demoUser
  • Password:   Mbcs#2016
Prompting to logon to one or more of these pages may not be necessary after the first time that you logon as long as you do so from the same computer.