About Us.

Michael Bartmon Computer Services

Michael Bartmon Computer Services (MBCS) is a full-service computer consulting, programming and support company that has been providing computer solutions for businesses for over 30 years.  MBCS offers pre-programmed systems for residential property management, general bookkeeping and payroll, as well as customized applications for a wide range of industries.  The company also offers a comprehensive system support service that ensures a business computer hardware and software, whether stand-alone or networked, always performs at its best and relieves office personnel from having to deal with complicated computer system issues.

Michael Bartmon is an expert in small to large-scale computer systems; from PCs to mainframes.  He is an accomplished and proven programmer and technician with demonstrated expertise in business procedures and computer integration. Michael is also a gifted teacher who can provide office personnel with all of the training needed to help a business get the most out of its computer system.

Mike's corporate computer experience was gained at Merrill Lynch, IBM and Prudential Securities as well as some smaller companies.  He has been deeply involved in full life-cycle development and is responsible for building mission-critical applications from the specification phase through development, implementation and support.

As a First Vice President, Senior Group Project Manager at Prudential he managed the creation of a firm-wide check processing system utilizing client-server technology (UNIX front-end, mainframe back-end).  He also was instrumental in implementing the UNIX to mainframe SNA communications for the firms branch office information system. He was then involved in the migration of that system to a Windows based front-end.

Mike has consulted for manufacturing, service, mail-order and distribution companies, as well as others.  He has provided basic accounting software as well as highly specialized order processing, list rental processing, payroll, and property management systems.  He has installed computers and networking hardware and software and trained non-computer people to operate all of the systems he has installed.

As both a consultant and a corporate systems person, Mike has worked with business owners, executives, programmers and clerical personnel.  He is able to take a wish-list and turn it into a system.