WinPM - Property Management for Windows
Tenant Management & Accounting
We understand the needs of property managers.
We can deliver stand-alone or multi-user solutions that will make your business more efficient, provide more accurate reporting, and increase the time you have to do what you do best: MANAGE.
Tenant data is maintained in a Microsoft SQL database. 
User Security is integrated into the system.  Individual users can be assigned specific entitlements.

        Completely network ready and scalable.

        Database copy, repair and backup functions are built-in.

        All reports can be displayed on your monitor as well as be printed.

        Tenant bill printing, payment entry, and account tracking.

    Rent plus unlimited additional charges. 

    Late Notices.

    E-mail: Late Notices and tenants directly. 

        Lease management and renewal letter printing. You can add new leases and manage data and calculation placements at any time.

        Perpetual Tenant History.

        Tenant security payment tracker.

    Automatic integration with our WinGL .

Also Available as options
  • Letter Writer: Does mail-merge processing in conjunction with your tenant data (requires MS Word 2003 or later).
  • ArroImport: Exports and formats building/tenant registration data for import to the DHCR website.
  • WinDOC: Document scanning and management that integrates with tenant records.
System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, or 10